What Are Concrete Nouns? (with Examples)

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What Are Concrete Nouns? (with Examples)

A concrete noun represents something that can be seen, touched, tasted, heard, or smelt. In other words, a concrete noun is something that you can perceive with at least one of your senses.

Concrete nouns contrast with abstract nouns, which name things you cannot see, hear, touch, smell, or taste. Take, for example, the abstract nouns motherhood and bravery. You cannot perceive these with your senses. You can of course perceive wood and chocolate with your senses, and these are examples of concrete nouns.

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Examples of Concrete Nouns

Here is a list of some concrete nouns:

Abbey, Abdomen, Agent, Air, Alcove, Alligator, Almonds, Ankle, Antelope, Antlers, Ants, Ape, Apse, Architect, Arm, Armadillo, Armchair, Arrow, Ashram, Attendant, Auditorium, Aunt, Baboon, Bagpipes, Banjo, Bank, Barn, Barracks, Basement, Bassoon, Bat, Bathrobe, Beach, Beads, Beak, Bear, Beard, Bed, Belfry, Belly, Bench, Beret, Bill, Blackberries, Blood, Bloom, Blossom, Blueberries, Boar, Bog, Bones, Bookcase, Bow, Bower, Boy, Bracelet, Brain, Branch, Brass, Breast, Briefs, Brook, Broom, Brother, Brushes, Bucket, Bud, Buffet, Bug, Bungalow, Bus, Cabbage, Cabin, Cakes, Camel, Canal, Canoe, Cans, Canvas, Cap, Carport, Cart, Cashier, Casino, Casserole, Castle, Cathedral, Cauliflower, Caves, Cello, Cemetery, Cereal, Chair, Chalet, Channel, Chapel, Chateau, Cheetah, Chest, Child, Chimpanzee, Chipmunk, Churches, City, Clarinet, Cloister, Coast, Cockroach, Coffee, Colon, Cookies, Cornet, Cot, Cottage, Couch, Country, Crackers, Cradle, Creek, Crib, Crocodile, Crotch, Cub, Cymbals, Dagger, Dart, Daughter, Deckchair, Deer, Designer, Detective, Diner, Dinghy, Dinosaur, Dock, Doe, Dogs, Dolls, Dolphin, Donkey, Drake, Dress, Drum, Duck, Dynamos, Eagle, Earrings, Earth, Earthworm, Easel, Eclipse, Elbow, Elephant, Elevator, Elk, Elm, Emu, Eye, Eyeball, Eyebrows, Eyeglasses, Farm, Father, Fawn, Filly, Fingernail, Fire, Fireplace, Fish, Flute, Fondue, Forearm, Forest, Fortress, Frigate, Fruit, Fur, Gallbladder, Galleon, Gander, Garden, Garlic, Gazebo, Gem, Gerbil, Ghost, Giraffe, Girl, Glands, Glockenspiel, Gloves, Goose, Grains, Grandfather, Grandmother, Grapefruit, Grass, Greenhouse, Grouper, Guitar, Gums, Hacienda, Hail, Hamburger, Hammock, Hand, Harp, Hatchet, Head, Hearth, Heaven, Hedge, Hedgehog, Hell, Herbs, Hip, Hippodrome, Horn, Hornets, Horse, Host, Hostess, Hotdog, Hotel, Hovel, Hurricane, Hut, Hutch, Hydrofoil, Hyena, Igloo, Inn, Intestines, Jackal, Jaguar, Jailhouse, Jewel, Joey, Judge, Kangaroo, Kidneys, Kingfish, Kiosk, Knee, Knickers, Knight, Knuckles, Koala, Lake, Lap, Lark, Lawn, Lawyer, Leeks, Leg, Legumes, Lemons, Lettuce, Lion, Lips, Lobster, Locker, Locket, Loft, Lungs, Lute, Maiden, Mall, Man, Manor, Mansion, Mantel, Mare, Marsh, Mayor, Mirror, Model, Monastery, Monkey, Monsoon, Mop, Motel, Moth, Moth, Mother, Mouth, Mule, Muscles, Museum, Musician, Mutt, Nightingale, Nurse, Nuts, Oak, Oars, Oasis, Oboe, Ocean, Onions, Onions, Orange, Orangutan, Orchard, Orchestra, Outhouse, Owl, Paddock, Pagoda, Painter, Palm, Pancake, Panda, Panties, Pants, Parachute, Park, Pasta, Paws, Peach, Peacock, Pelt, Pendant, Peppers, Petal, Philosopher, Photographer, Physician, Piano, Piccolo, Pier, Pig, Pinworms, Pipe, Poison, Pony, Popcorn, Porcupine, Port, Porthole, Pouch, Prince, Princess, Professor, Psychologist, Publisher, Pudding, Puddle, Puma, Pupil, Pyramid, Quill, Rags, Rain, Ranch, Raspberries, Rat, Ravioli, Restaurant, Retina, Rhinoceros, River, Roads, Sails, Saloon, Sandwich, Saxophone, School, Schoolteacher, Sea, Seal, Settler, Shack, Shark, Shin, Shirt, Shoelaces, Shoes, Shore, Shrimp, Sibling, Sideburns, Silo, Singer, Sister, Skull, Skunk, Sky, Skyscraper, Sleet, Sloth, Smog, Snakes, Snow, Solitaire, Son, Spider, Spine, Spotlight, Squirrel, Stables, Stadium, Stag, Stage, Stars, Steaks, Stew, Stole, Stool, Storm, Strawberries, Stream, Streets, Studs, Submarine, Suburb, Subway, Suit, Suitcase, Sun, Sunglasses, Sunlamp, Supermarket, Sushi, Swamp, Sword, Tabernacle, Tail, Tambourine, Tangerine, Tavern, Tea, Teeth, Telephone, Temples, Therapist, Thigh, Throat, Thumb, Thunderbolt, Tiara, Tiger, Toad, Toad, Toes, Tomato, Tongue, Torso, Tower, Town, Tram, Tripod, Trolley, Trousers, Tuba, Tunnels, Turkey, Turtle, Typhoon, Ukulele, Uncle, Underwear, Urn, Usher, Van, Venom, Villa, Village, Vineyard, Viola, Violin, Vulture, Wafer, Waffles, Waist, Waiter, Wallaby, Wallet, Walnuts, Wasps, Watch, Waterfall, Weasel, Whale, Wings, Wolf, Woman, Wombat, Woodwinds, Worm, Wrap, Wren, Wrist, Xylophone, Xylophone, Yacht, Yard, Yurt, Zebra, Zoo

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