What Is Diction? (with Examples)

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What Is Diction? (with Examples)

Diction means choice of words (i.e., phraseology) and the clarity with which words are pronounced.

The Two Meanings of Diction with Examples

Here are the two meanings of diction with examples:

Diction Is Your Choice of Words (Phraseology)
Our choice of words is influenced by the situation. This choice of words is known as diction. For example:
  • To get it sorted (to mates)
  • To solve the problem (to colleagues)
  • To overcome the challenge (to bosses)
  • It was a mistake (to a close friend)
  • It was an accident (to a work colleague)
  • It was an oversight (to a senior at work)
Diction Is the Clarity with Which Words Are Pronounced
Diction refers to how clearly words are pronounced. (Pronunciation refers to how they are said.) Here are some example sentences to show the difference between diction and pronunciation:
  • Read can be pronounced reed or red.
  • Did he just say wed or wet? His diction is quite poor.
This graphic shows the two meanings of diction: