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Common Grammar Errors

Some grammar errors are more embarrassing than others. The list below starts with the ones that will make you look stupid and ends with the ones that you'll probably get away with. You can use this list to prioritize how you read the free lessons and tests on our site.

"In business, you are what you write."

Mistakes that will make you look really stupid

  • Confusing you're and your
  • Confusing its and it's
  • Using an apostrophe in a plural (e.g. 4 lion's)
  • Writing could of, would of or should of
  • Confusing too and to
  • Confusing they're, their and there
  • Confusing who's and whose
  • Using a double superlative or comparative (e.g. most prettiest, more better)
  • Confusing accept and except
  • Writing her's, our's or their's
  • Confusing allot, a lot and allot or writing alot
  • Confusing allowed and aloud
  • Confusing desert and dessert
  • Confusing grisly and grizzly
  • Confusing then and than
  • Mistakes that will make you look careless

    Mistakes for which you'll be forgiven

    Mistakes you'll probably get away with

    "Mistakes" that might annoy your reader

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