Assistance and Assistants

The words assistance and assistants sound identical, but their meanings are different. Here's a very quick summary:
  • Assistance means help.
  • Assistants are helpers.


The noun assistance means help. It usually means providing money, resources, or information to assist. Assistance can usually be substituted with the word help.

  • I am unable to drive without assistance from my glasses.
  • Obviously, because of my disability, I need assistance. But I have always tried to overcome the limitations of my condition and lead as full a life as possible. (Stephen Hawking)


The word assistants describes people who provide help. It is the plural of the noun assistant.

  • Rees and his assistants work at Columbia University, New York.
  • I don't like to work with assistants. I'm already one too many; the camera alone would be enough. (Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt)

A Quick Test

Much Assistance and Many Assistants

Assistance is a non-countable noun; i.e., it doesn't have a plural form. Therefore, many cannot be used with assistance because many is only used with countable nouns (like assistants). With assistance, use much. For example:
  • My many assistants provide me with much assistance.