Hangar and Hanger

Writers sometimes confuse hangar and hanger. Although they sound similar, their meanings are very different.


The word hanger is a noun that denotes an item used to hang things (usually clothing). It can also refer to a person who hangs things, but this is not a common usage. Examples:
  • My shirts keep slipping off these hangers.
  • The hangers don't have hooks at the top but studs which sit in the slider on the rail. It's an anti-theft measure. People will steal anything.
  • Will you call the picture hanger? The portrait of the former CEO is noticeably lopsided.


The word hangar is a noun that denotes a large building with an extensive floor area, which is typically used for housing and maintaining aircraft. Examples:
  • Hangars for military aircraft are rarely lined up in neat rows. This is a defence against attack from enemy aircraft. It ensures only one hangar can be targeted on each fly-past.
  • Rain will not affect the day too badly. All the fete stalls will be set up in a large hangar.

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