Dependent Adverb Clause

What Is a Dependent Adverb Clause? (with Examples)

A dependent adverb clause (or subordinate adverb clause) is a dependent clause that plays the role of an adverb. For example: Like all dependent clauses, a dependent adverb clause cannot stand alone as a complete sentence. Like all clauses, it will include a subject and a verb.

Examples of Dependent Adverb Clauses

Here are some examples of dependent adverb clauses (shaded):

A Dependent Adverb Clause as an Adverb of Time A Dependent Adverb Clause as an Adverb of Manner A Dependent Adverb Clause as an Adverb of Place Read more about adverbs.

As well as playing the role of an adjective, a dependent clause can act as an adjective or a noun.

Read more about dependent clauses.

The Link between a Dependent Clause and an Independent Clause

The link between a dependent adverb clause and an independent clause will often be a subordinating conjunction or a relative pronoun. For example:

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