Finite Verbs

What Are Finite Verbs? (with Examples)

A finite verb is a verb which has a subject and shows tense. In short, it is a verb being a verb (i.e., a doing word) as opposed to a verbal (which is another part of speech formed from a verb).

Examples of Finite Verbs

Every sentence needs a finite verb. Look at these examples (with the finite verbs shaded): Here are some more examples:

Finite Verbs Test

Below is a quick test on finite verbs.

Click on the finite verbs:


The best way to find a finite verb is by eliminating it as a non-finite verb. So, check: Look at this example: In this example, the following look a bit like verbs:

To Paint

Let's run a check over them:

Painting is a noun formed from the verb to paint. (These are called gerunds. The big giveaway is the -ing ending.)

To paint is the infinitive form of the verb to paint. (The big giveaway is the word to in front.)

Painted is the past participle (being used as an adjective). (A giveaway is the -ed ending.)

That just leaves likes and wants. They are both finite verbs in this example.

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