Gerund Phrase

What Is a Gerund Phrase? (with Examples)

A gerund phrase consists of a gerund, its object, and all modifiers. For example: In the gerund phrase above: Read more about gerunds.

The Parts of a Gerund Phrase

All gerunds end -ing. They are nouns formed from verbs. For example: A gerund is not like a normal noun because a gerund can take a direct object (just like a verb can). The direct object of a gerund is known as a gerund complement. For example: These complements (or objects) make up part of the gerund phrase.

Gerunds can also be modified. For example: These modifiers also make up part of the gerund phrase.

More Examples of Gerund Phrases

Below are some more examples of gerund phrases (shaded):

Do Not Confuse Gerunds with Present Participles

Not every word which ends -ing is a gerund. Present participles also end -ing. Present participles are also verbals (i.e., words formed from verbs), but they are not used as nouns. They are used as adjectives or when forming verbs in a progressive tense. For example:

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