What Is a Logosglyph?

A logosglyph is a word that looks like what it means. For example: Logosglyphs are typically used in poetry and descriptive writing to assist with description. For example:

Examples of Logosglyphs

Here are some more examples of logosglyphs:
When used to describe eyes, pools is a logosglyph.

Origin of the Word Logosglyph

The word logosglyph literally means "word carving." It is a compound noun derived from the Greek words for word (logos) and carving (glyphe).

Logosglyphs Are a Form of Figurative Language

Logosglyphs are a form of figurative language, which covers unusual or imaginative word constructions. Logosglyphs contrast with onomatopoeic words, which sound like what they represent. Logosglyphs look like what they represent.  

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