What Is Onomatopoeia? (with Examples)

Onomatopoeia is the term for a word that imitates the sound it describes.

The vast majority of onomatopoeic words relate to one of the following: onomatopoeia examples

Examples of Onomatopoeia

Here are some examples of onomatopoeia:

Onomatopoeia in Words Representing Sounds, Objects, and Actions

Often, onomatopoeic words are the names of sounds. Words like bang, clap, and pop are used to describe the sound of the event. Words for animal noises (e.g., cluck, quack, and woof) are used in the same way.

Here are some more examples: There are, however, lots of examples of onomatopoeia that are not used to describe sounds directly but actions and objects. In fact, most onomatopoeic words can be used to represent the sound directly, an object, or an action.

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