Perfect Aspect

What Is the Perfect Aspect? (with Examples)

The perfect aspect (or complete aspect as it's sometimes called) is the aspect of a verb which expresses a completed action.

Perfect aspect is the term for verbs in a perfect tense.

Examples of Verbs in the Perfect Aspect

Here are some examples of verbs in the perfect aspect:

In the Past Tense In the Present Tense In the Future Tense

Forming the Perfect Aspect

The perfect aspect is formed using a form of the auxiliary verb have and the past participle. For example:

Forming the Past Perfect Tense

"had" + past participle Forming the Present Perfect Tense

"has" or "have" + past participle Forming the Future Perfect Tense

"will have" + past participle

Verb Tenses Showing the Perfect Aspect

Here is a list of the verb tenses. The ones in the perfect aspect are shaded.
The 4 Past Tenses Example
simple past tense I went
past progressive tense I was going
past perfect tense I had gone
past perfect progressive tenseI had been going
The 4 Present Tenses Example
simple present tense I go
present progressive tense I am going
present perfect tense I have gone
present perfect progressive tense I have been going
The 4 Future Tenses Example
simple future tense I will go
future progressive tense I will be going
future perfect tense I will have gone
future perfect progressive tense I will have been going

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