Subjective Case

What Is the Subjective Case? (with Examples)

The subjective case is the case used for a noun or pronoun which is the subject of a verb. For example (subjective case shaded): The subjective case is also used for a subject complement. For example:

Only Pronouns Change Their Forms

In modern English, nouns do not change their forms in any of the cases (other than the possessive case). For example: Pronouns, however, do change their forms depending on their case. The subjective pronouns are I, you, he, she, it, we, they, who, and whoever. Look at this example:

Subjective Pronouns

Here is a list of subjective pronouns and objective pronouns:
Subjective PronounObjective PronounComment
youyouThere is no change.
ititThere is no change.
whowhom .

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