Verb Tense

What Is Verb Tense? (with Examples)

The tense of a verb is determined by when the action took place. The three tenses are:

Examples of Tenses

Here are some examples of verbs in different tenses: Remember, verbs do not just express actions. They can also express a state of being. For example:

Examples of Verbs in Different Tenses

Here are some more examples of verbs in the past, present, and future tenses: You will notice that some of the verbs in the past tense example about Team America are made up of more than one word (have laughed, was going). We need these different versions of the tenses because the tenses are further categorized depending on whether the action (or state of being) they describe is in progress or completed. For example, the different versions of the verb to laugh are:

The Full List of Tenses

The table below shows the full list of the tenses:
The 4 Past Tenses Example
simple past tense I went
past progressive tense I was going
past perfect tense I had gone
past perfect progressive tenseI had been going
The 4 Present Tenses Example
simple present tense I go
present progressive tense I am going
present perfect tense I have gone
present perfect progressive tense I have been going
The 4 Future Tenses Example
simple future tense I will go
future progressive tense I will be going
future perfect tense I will have gone
future perfect progressive tense I will have been going

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