Vocative Case


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What Is the Vocative Case? (with Examples)

The vocative case is used to indicate direct address (i.e., to show when you are talking to somebody or something directly). In English, nouns in the vocative case are offset with commas. Now look at this sentence: vocative case example

More Examples of the Vocative Case

Here are some more examples of nouns in the vocative case: The vocative case applies to nouns and noun phrases. It is used most frequently with proper nouns (the specific names of things, e.g., Simon, Rover), but it is also used with common nouns (names for things, e.g., man, dog). For example:

A Quick Test

Beware of Comma Run-On Errors

When a sentence ends with a word in the vocative case, be sure to end your sentence properly before starting a new one. For example:
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